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Attention All Coaches, Professional Service Providers & Holistic Practitioners:

Do YOU Need Help With Exactly How To Market Your Business?

  • Are you frustrated at the lack of clients on your list and money in your bank?

  • Overwhelmed with all the possibilities out there and no idea where to start?

  • Do you struggle with the technical side and just wish there was a simple formula you can follow?

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Hi, my name is Sophie Mahir – Coach, Trainer, Blogger and Digital Nomad. I’m an ‘Online Marketing & Social Media ‘Expert’ and have a passion for helping you get your message to a wider audience, attract the perfect clients and put more cash in your bank.

I spend my time travelling the world, blogging around Art & Creativity over on my personal brand site, eating healthy raw vegan food, having lots of fun, and making money doing what I love, all from the comfort of my laptop using the skills I’ve learnt.

But it wasn’t always that way – Find out how as a penniless single parent I changed my life and you can too…


How to market your business | Sophie Mahir | Digital Nomad

I’m founder of The Business Freedom Academy, author of ‘The 7 Biggest Mistakes Most New Businesses Make & How To Avoid Them’, and creator/blogger at www.sophiemahir.com.

Over the last 8 years I’ve been privileged to work with hundreds of people helping them start up, market and grow a successful business. Right from the small things like setting up your basic Social Media accounts, to the larger strategic planning involved in building a 6-figure business.

Typically I work with fellow Coaches or Holistic Practitioners who have created their own brand of product or service and are struggling to get out there and been seen.

After working with so many entrepreneurs on how to market your business effectively I have narrowed down and specialize in the following areas of expertise.

What The Business Freedom Academy Can Specifically Help You With:

  • Everything Online Marketing & Internet Marketing.
  • Social Media, especially Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest YouTube & Instagram.
  • All areas of Blogging, including how to make money as a Blogger.
  • All areas of Product Creation, from digital products to large online courses.
  • Strategic planning, organisation and productivity systems.
  • Basic WordPress website set-up.

Basically if you’d like to either learn how to market your business online, or create and run your business online, the Business Freedom Academy can help.


What others are saying:

Before I discovered Sophie Mahir I wasted large amounts of money and huge amounts of time. That was in spite of being guided by two of my early mentors who were honest but lacking in other ways. I was going nowhere and at a snail’s pace.

Then I met Sophie. Suddenly I had a mentor who was not only honest, but truthful, reliable, trustworthy, vastly experienced and given to over-delivering. In a 90-minute 1 to 1 session she identified my strengths and weaknesses and set me off in a totally new direction. Now I know where I am going and getting great pleasure from the journey in spite of obstacles.

That is why I have no hesitation in saying, if you are serious, not just indulging a hobby – in setting up any kind of business, or taking an existing business to a new level, if you are like a traveller with a broken compass, Sophie Mahir is the name you need to investigate. She is the one who can get you to where you want to be with the minimum of wasted time and money.” – Brian Passman


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