The promise of entrepreneurship is exciting; it speaks of financial abundance and personal freedom. The reality, however, is often very different. Many business owners end up working ridiculous hours and sacrificing their health, time with their families and their dreams in the pursuit of the dream.

Whether you are already established in your business or you are
still sitting on the entrepreneurial fence, the Business Freedom Experience is a practical and powerful program that will show you effective strategies for making the important transition from self employment to true business ownership. 

Business Freedom Experience takes place a few times each year in various business centers around the world. If you want to build a successful business that enhances the quality of your life and gives you real personal freedom, then Business Freedom Experience is your next step.


Imagine your ideal day, week, and month. Your business is thriving. You’re creatively fulfilled. Your family is healthy and happy. Your life is full of joy. Can you see that vision in your mind? With the Business Freedom system, you can make that dream a reality.


Inception Marketing™ is a powerful and effective marketing paradigm that combines psychology, corporate empathy, and market data to attract a significantly larger audience and then convert them into raving-fan clients.


The Business Freedom Speaking Academy is a LIVE event and is taught in a variety of cities around the world. The 5-day event is intensive and intimate and as such has limited availability and is only available by application.

Recent Posts

Who am I?

I am often asked this question (mostly by my own little voice), “who are you?”.  I usually respond, “Excuse me?” to which I get, “Who are you that you feel you can help others achieve what they want?  Who are you that other people want to hear what you have to say?  Who are you…

Procrastination (the silent, subtle and deadly goal-killer…and how to spot it)

Many people deal with procrastination in different ways, and many never do deal with it. The first, and the absolutely most important aspect of procrastination is recognition. Not recognizing it in others… I am sure we can all do that. The question is, do you see yourself doing it?

Eric On The Set

What an interesting week with some great lessons and reminders for me and, perhaps, you. If you have known or followed me for even a little while you will probably be aware that I enjoy writing both books and screenplays. I completed my first screenplay several years ago but since I was still focused on…

The Rules of the Game

In my last article I wrote about happiness and the way people construct their rules for achieving or avoiding happiness. Its not what happens its what you do that makes the difference. – W Mitchel Today I have been thinking more about this and have another powerful suggestion relating to managing your state of mind.…

Happiness OR Happiness

If you know me, or have ever attended or listened to one of my programs, you will know that I am a big fan of happiness. In fact, I believe that happiness really is the best measurement of personal success. While there are many reasons to be happy, it is really our rules that control…

Why spell it dyslexia?

I was interviewed yesterday for a book — a book on entrepreneurship. While there is nothing unusual about that, this book was different: it is a book about dyslexic entrepreneurs that Nicola James is writing. I am not sure at what age I realised that I had mild dyslexia but I do remember spending most…

You can't get a Nobel prize for starting a bank, can you?

You can if that bank proceeds to attract 7.2 million families, provide them with micro-loans, homes and education. You certainly can if you help millions of people lift themselves out of poverty. This morning, at the behest of Jeanine “J.P.” Parker, we attended a talk by Nobel Laureate Dr Muhammad Yunus at the Milken Institute…

Hello from Eric

Elise and I arrived in Las Vegas a few days ago and we are having an outstanding time. We have been at a number of XL events in Los Angeles over the last week and last night we had an excellent evening with the Life Members here in Las Vegas. I am also looking forward to…

Persuasion Power – Joel Bauer

A few months ago I had never heard of Joel Bauer — that was soon to change. I first saw Joel’s name when I received an invitation to speak at an event in Phuket, Thailand in July 2008 and saw his name on the list of speakers. A few days later I gave a talk…

Brian Tracy in Canada

One of my first encounters with peak performance was a tape program by Brian Tracy. Twenty years later I have read and listened to many of Brian’s programs and learned many very useful things. Among other things, Brian’s ideas about time management and goal setting played major roles in my early successes in sales and…

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